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What are the different types of requests and how do I know which one to use?

Work Order Requests are submitted for buildings on campus requiring maintenance, building repairs or custodial needs. These may include hanging whiteboards in classrooms, changing light bulbs, plumbing or electrical repairs, comfort cooling and heating, trash and recycling, lawn care, leaf removal, as well as many others.  

Space Requests are submitted when additional space is requested for allocation to a particular university department, function, or program. This may be a request for an existing space on campus, or for new space.  Space requests may be permanent or temporary. All requests are reviewed by the Facilities department, and presented to the University Space Planning Committee for review and approval.

Space Requests are not required for reorganization or reassignment of spaces within specific departments.

Project Requests are submitted for work that will physically alter University infrastructure.  This includes everything from office, lab or classroom renovations/improvements to installation of specialized equipment, to capital projects and planning initiatives.  Project requests must provide a funding source prior to any authorization. The funding source will not be spent or used without departmental approval. Depending on the scope of the project request, funding may be requested in phases to cover the design fees, construction, AV and/or furniture.  Depending on the scale, location, and impact of the project, approval may be required by the Space Planning Committee, Capital Projects Group, and/or Board of Trustees.

How do I know who pays for various requests?

Work order costs are outlined by the Service Level Agreement that identifies which services are funded by the approved Lehigh University allocated operating budget for Facilities, and those agreed upon optional services that will be charged back to specific departments, programs or units. It includes a general description of the custodial, maintenance, plant preservation and other services supported by the LU Facilities budget.

You can find the Service Level Agreement here

What if it’s an emergency?

Please go to the emergency contacts page

Who do I contact for telephone services or repair questions?

For questions regarding telephone service or repairs call the LTS Telecommunications trouble reporting line at 610-758-5463.

Who do I contact for technology questions or repair requests?

For question regarding technology (LAN, WiFi, printers, etc.) call the LTS Help Desk at 610-758-4357 (8-HELP) or visit

When is the heat or air conditioning turned on?

The heat is generally turned on around October 15. Air conditioning is generally turned on around April 15. These dates vary with the average weather conditions and temperature.

Can individuals or departments hire consultants & contractors directly for projects and renovations?

No. All consultants and contractors are to be engaged by the Facilities Office.

What can be recycled on campus? 

Lehigh has a single-stream recycling system, which means plastic bottles (no caps), glass, paper, and aluminum can all be put in the recycling bin. For more information about Lehigh's recycling program, please visit

Who should I contact if I am locked out of my office or dorm room?

For office lock outs, please visit the IDEAL Office at 42 University Drive to sign out a key during normal University business hours. 

For residence hall room lock outs, please visit the IDEAL Office at 42 University Drive to sign out a key during normal University business hours.  For after hour assistance, contact the Gryphon on Duty.

Does Facilities hire work study or graduate students? 

Yes. Please contact the Facilities Office via email at