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Our Role at Lehigh

Utilities and Engineering is responsible for managing Lehigh's complex utility infrastructure, managing the purchase and operation of energy resources, and providing specialized engineering and technical support to construction projects, service contracts and the University.  Utilities provides an array of services, including:

  • Electricity distribution
  • Steam production and distribution
  • Chilled water production and distribution
  • Domestic water supply and distribution
  • Sanitary sewer services
  • Storm drainage
  • Water and environmental quality management

Central Plant Heat and Refrigeration

The Central Plants are two buildings on campus (both the Asa Packer and Mountaintop campuses) that provide chilled water for cooling and steam for heating.  To determine what buildings on campus use steam and/or chilled water, please refer to Asa Packer campus or Mountaintop campus.

Doug Spengel
Associate Director of Utilities and Energy Management
Steve Benko
Assistant Director of Utilities
Steve Schlegel
Energy Conservation Engineer

Lead Boiler Operators

Fred Bechtoldt
Lead Boiler Operator
Jim Johnson
Lead Boiler Operator

Boiler Operators

David Coates
Boiler Operator
Rich Eime
Boiler Operator
Benjamin Grams
Boiler Operator
Laine Hardcastle
Boiler Operator
Milton Jenkins
Boiler Operator
Andy Lang
Boiler Operator
David Novogratz
Boiler Operator
Marshall Pysher
Boiler Operator
James Ribakusky
Boiler Operator
William Adams
Boiler Operator

Utilities Technicians

Kirk Williams
Maintenance Technician
Jeff Worman
Maintenance Technician