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Instructions on Submitting a Work Order
For URGENT Work Order Requests Call

The Work Order Central unit processes all work order requests for Facilities and incorporates 24 hour phone coverage.  We are dedicated to providing quality and well-organized responses to a steady stream of daily demands in order to serve customers and maintain the University in the most effective and efficient way possible.

TMA is Lehigh University's designated work order system. TMA is a web-enabled interface that allows users to:

  • Submit Work Orders

Work Orders may include work requests, repairs, moves, event setups, lock changes, hanging whiteboards in classrooms, etc. 

Some examples of General Work Order Requests may include, but not limited to: A/C issues, appliance issues, interior door issues, lightbulb replacement, and window treatment repair.

Please note that there will be a charge/cost for furniture moving, and for event setup and takedown.  Typical event setup charges include: furniture rental, delivery and return; room set up; and janitorial charges to restore room to original condition.  Please include your account number in with your action requested. 

If you are not an Authorized Signer or the Financial Manager for the Banner Index(es), please provide the Authorized Signer or the Financial Manager in the Index Approver field. Please note that Facilities is not liable for the use of an unauthorized index. Individual departments will be held responsible for any charges associated with a work order.

A valid Lehigh University log-in and password and your departmental account number is required.  Please note that using an account that you are not authorized to use may subject you to criminal or civil liability or to discipline within the University.


Normal Business Hours: Monday through Friday 7:00AM to 3:00PM

Table & Chair Rental:

Table Linens – Table linens are not provided by ABM.  Table linens must be requested through Dining Services.

  • Tables: $5.00 per unit
  • Chairs:  $0.50 per unit
  • Delivery and Set Up (Drop off/Pick up): $60.00 per hour per delivery person 
    *Minimum of 2 delivery persons
    *Overtime for after-hours (minimum 2 hours) is billed at 1.5 rate
Table sizes available:   
  •   Banquet Tables 8' X 30”
  •   Banquet Tables 6' x 30" (limited availability)
  •   Round Tables 5' diameter
  •   Round Tables 6' diameter (only 5 available)
  •   Bistro Tables 30" diameter (adjustable height, sitting or standing)
Chairs available: 
  • Brown Plastic Folding Chairs

If tables and/or chairs are missing after an event, replacement of missing items will be charged to the original work order.

Cleaning Fee (Interior Events)
  •   $29.11 per person per hour
      *Overtime for after-hours is billed at 1.5 rate
BRIGHTVIEW (Exterior Events)
  •   Trucking/Equipment– $70.00
  •   $48.00 per person per hour

If trash and recycling receptacles are not included in the original request and the event space requires cleaning after an exterior event the event host will be subject to a cleaning fee.

In case of cancellation or relocation, you must notify us by email at least 24 hours in advance or you may be subject to service charges.  Please reference all work order numbers provided.


Issues pertaining to keys, locks, ID cards, and/or building card access:

Academic - email

Housing/Residential - email

EMERGENCY REPAIRS are those repairs which require immediate attention to reduce risk to people and property. 

Some examples of Emergency Work Order Requests may include, but not limited to: toilet, sink, and shower – clogged or leaking, electrical outages, and heating issues. 

Please use the following numbers to request Emergency Services:


Monday through Friday 8AM to 4:30PM  PH: 610-758-3940


Academic Buildings and Residence Halls PH: 610-867-3326 
Greek Houses and Mountaintop Campus PH: 610-758-4200 (LUPD)
Graduate Housing (Saucon Village, Packer House, 230 West Packer) PH: 610-758-4200 (LUPD)